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The Brownsville Wellness Coalition (BWC) is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in the southernmost tip of Texas. The organization was formed in 2008 to address the community’s poor health status by providing programs that promote nutrition and healthy lifestyles.


The city of Brownsville has an alarming, above-national prevalence of residents who are overweight, obese, and living with diabetes. Furthermore, Brownsville is one of the nation’s poorest cities, with over 31% of families living below the poverty level.


Through the community’s prompt response and the endless collaboration from many of the local organizations and community leaders, BWC continues to address these health issues and work arduously to bring change to communities in Brownsville and neighboring cities.

Our mission is simple: The Brownsville Wellness Coalition cultivates healthy food and lifestyles. We impact the overall wellness in our community by:

• strengthening the local food system

• improving access to nutritious affordable food

• educating the public to produce, cook and eat healthy local food

• promoting healthy lifestyle choices

• providing opportunities to engage in physical activity


Lisa Mitchell-Bennett, President | Cindy Martinez Silva, Vice President Murad Abusalim, Treasurer | Elizabeth Bernús, Secretary


Frank Orozco, Director | Robert Avendaño, Director | Hugo Zurita, Director | Dolly Sevier, Director

Roberto Valencia, Director | Amanda Sampayo, Director | Andres Shane, Director | Christian Corrales, Director

Cindy Hernandez, Director

Vero Dimas, Executive Director


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